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Farah Barqawi

A women’s rights activist, writer, and translator from Palestine. She was born in the Palestinian Yarmuk camp in Syria and currently resides in Cairo. She has also lived in Gaza, Dubai, Beirut, and Chicago. She works in writing, translation and in Arabic editing. With her colleagues, she co-founded the “Uprising of Women in the Arab World” initiative in 2011. The initiative aims to create a free secular space for constructive dialogue advocating for women’s human rights and independence in the Arab world through awareness and advocacy campaigns on the social media and on the ground. She is also the co-founder and the coordinator of the “Wiki Gender” project, a constantly evolving participatory knowledge platform in the field of gender and women’s issues in Arabic language, offering open content and promoting crowd-sourced knowledge production on these issues. From 2013 through 2016, she also worked on community cultural programming and alternative education with the “Arab Digital Expression Foundation – ADEF“.