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Skill-sharing workshops

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Surveillance, safety, and security 
Ramy Raoof
Bring your laptop
Turn Sexism into Art
Maya Helou
Bring your laptop + Adobe Illustrator or Image editing software + One sexist image
Internet of Things
Alaa Salem
Bring your laptop
Securing your online accounts
Alaa Ghazal
Bring your laptop
Localizing of the Feminist Principles of the Internet
Sara Abou Ghazal & Mohamad Najem
For Arabic speakers, interested in Knowledge Production + read the principles


Surveillance, safety and security workshop
Ramy Raoof
Bring your laptop
Human Rights Cartoon Workshop
Rawand Issa
Introduction to Python Programming
Majd Al-Shihabi
Bring your laptop
Feminist Archiving and Oral History
Hana Sleiman
Introduction to Photography Workshop
Mona Bibi
Bring a DSLR camera